Technical assistance

Where request?

•   If you need to request technical assistance for a Linea Brazil furniture, look for the store where you purchased the furniture;

•   Please stay with your purchase ticket on hands. Look for an attendant, he will know how to fulfill the request.

•   If you acquired the furniture through an online store, look at the web site the place to make the request.

•  Stay alert! Observe the warranty period of the product purchased.

Caring for your furniture

•  For better cleaning of your Linea Brazil furniture, use a clean cloth slightly dampened with water. After that, wipe with a dry and clean cloth.

•  To keep the shine, use a chamois or soft, clean cloth.

Ps.: Do not use abrasive cleaners such as steel wool, soaps, detergents and others. We do not recommend using polishes furniture that can smears the surface.
Avoid contact with water or cleaning products that may damage the wooden base of your furniture.

•  Avoid sharp objects on its surface.

•   Evite objetos pontiagudos sobre a sua superfície.

•   Keep the furniture always leveled to maintain alignment of the doors and drawers.

•   If you need to move the furniture, empty it before moving. Hold it by the base. Avoid damages.

•   Do not expose your furniture extreme humidity or direct sunlight, or any other form of heat.